Delaware State Mascot

The Hornet Buzz - Delaware State University's Pride and Spirit

Name and Identity: 

Delaware State University proudly welcomes you to meet our spirited and beloved mascot, "The Hornet!" Known for its fierce determination, the Hornet embodies the values and aspirations of our institution. The Hornet serves as a symbol of strength, unity, and pride for the Delaware State University community.

Physical Appearance: 

Our mascot, the Hornet, is a vibrant and dynamic representation of the university's spirit. With its sleek, black and yellow body, sharp wings, and keen eyes, the Hornet exudes a powerful and energetic presence. It stands tall with an unmistakable air of confidence, ready to lead the way in supporting our athletes, students, and fans.

Character Traits and Personality: 

The Hornet represents a unique blend of traits and characteristics that reflect the essence of Delaware State University. This mascot is known for being:

  • Energetic: The Hornet's boundless energy keeps the crowd cheering and the excitement level high during games and events.
  • Resilient: Just like the university community, the Hornet demonstrates resilience and determination, never giving up, even in the face of challenges.
  • Supportive: Our mascot is a true team player, always there to rally the crowd and uplift our athletes.

Symbolism and Significance: 

The Hornet carries profound symbolism for Delaware State University. It symbolizes:

  • Unity: The Hornet unites the Delaware State University community, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness.
  • Strength: Its strength represents the unwavering determination of our students and athletes to excel and achieve their goals.
  • Pride: The Hornet embodies the pride that runs deep in every member of the Delaware State University family.

Mascot’s Role: Our beloved Hornet plays a vital role within the university community:

  • Spirit Leader: The Hornet is the ultimate spirit leader, pumping up the crowd at athletic events, pep rallies, and campus celebrations.
  • Community Engagement: It actively engages with our community, bringing smiles and enthusiasm wherever it goes.
  • Brand Ambassador: The Hornet proudly represents Delaware State University, both on and off-campus, fostering a sense of pride and unity.

Our Delaware State University Collection: 

At 1921 Movement, we embrace our mascot with open arms and endless enthusiasm. You can find the Hornet's presence across our campus, from spirited athletic events to lively student gatherings. From custom apparel and merchandise to spirited decorations and banners, our mascot takes center stage in the heart of the university.

Delaware State University's Hornet mascot is more than just a symbol; it's a dynamic and essential part of our vibrant community. Whether you're a student, alum, or a visitor, the Hornet welcomes you with open wings and a spirited buzz, embodying the pride, unity, and strength that defines Delaware State University. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the Hornet.

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