FAMU Apparel Styling Guide

Florida A&M University Apparel Styling Guide: Brought to You by 1921 Movement

1921 Movement proudly presents the FAMU University Apparel Styling Guide, a comprehensive resource designed to enhance the representation of FAMU (Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University) through apparel. This guide showcases our commitment to supporting educational institutions and empowering the FAMU community.

By adhering to the guidelines, 1921 Movement creates products that individuals can use to proudly display their FAMU pride while maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand image.


Famu Logo

FAMU Logo Usage and Placement on Apparel

The FAMU logo is a fundamental element representing the university's identity. As passionate advocates for FAMU, 1921 Movement ensures that the logo is appropriately positioned and scaled to maintain legibility and visibility on various apparel items.

Primary and Secondary Colors

1921 Movement understands the importance of FAMU's primary and secondary colors in defining the university's visual identity. We have carefully selected and incorporated FAMU's official colors into our products. These colors, including the iconic FAMU Green and FAMU Orange, reflect the vibrant spirit of the institution and form the foundation of our recommended color palette for FAMU apparel.


Typography plays a significant role in conveying the FAMU brand message. 1921 Movement has meticulously chosen fonts and styles that best represent the university's personality and values. This ensures consistency and a cohesive visual identity across all FAMU apparel.

Visual Elements

At 1921 Movement, we recognize the power of visual elements in capturing the essence of FAMU. We have incorporated FAMU's iconic Rattler mascot and other symbols of heritage into our products. These visual elements serve as a source of inspiration for creating compelling designs that resonate with the FAMU community.

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Apparel Types and Styles

From Head to Toe - Styling FAMU Apparel

FAMU Hats and Beanies: Showcasing Rattler Pride

When it comes to headwear, FAMU offers a variety of options to proudly showcase your Rattler pride. Whether you need a FAMU beanie to keep you warm during chilly tailgates or a FAMU bucket hat to shield yourself from the sun while showing off your school spirit, these accessories are a must-have for any Rattler enthusiast.

For a sporty and stylish look, consider sporting a FAMU trucker hat featuring the university's logo and colors.

FAMU Tops: From Jerseys to Crop Tops

Capture the essence of sportsmanship with a FAMU baseball jersey, emblazoned with the iconic Rattlers logo and colors. These jerseys not only display your passion for the game but also make a bold fashion statement. For a more casual and trendy look, opt for a FAMU crop top.

Perfect for game days or casual outings, these tops allow you to showcase your Rattler spirit in style. And if basketball is your sport, don't miss out on the opportunity to channel your inner athlete with a FAMU basketball jersey.

FAMU Outerwear: Jackets and Cardigans for Every Season

Stay cozy and stylish with a FAMU cardigan sweater, featuring the university's colors and a touch of elegance. Perfect for layering, these cardigans add a sophisticated touch to your outfit while showcasing your Rattler pride. When it comes to outerwear that can brave the elements, consider a FAMU windbreaker jacket.

Designed to protect you from rain or wind, these jackets ensure you stay dry and comfortable while representing your beloved Rattlers. And for a more sporty and varsity-inspired look, opt for a FAMU varsity jacket adorned with the FAMU logo.

FAMU Bottoms: Pants, Shorts, and Everything in Between

Dressing to impress is made easy with a variety of FAMU pants available. Whether you need classic slacks for a professional look or casual joggers for a day of classes, FAMU offers options that effortlessly combine style and comfort.

For a more relaxed and casual vibe, FAMU shorts are a great choice. Designed with the university's colors and logo, these shorts allow you to proudly display your Rattler pride while staying comfortable. And if you want to embrace tradition, FAMU tradition shorts featuring iconic colors and symbols pay homage to FAMU's rich history.

Cozy Comfort - Loungewear and Accessories

FAMU Sweat Suits: Embracing Casual Rattler Style

When it comes to loungewear, FAMU sweat suits are a perfect choice for embracing casual Rattler style. Offering both comfort and a sense of school spirit, these matching sets allow you to mix and match FAMU sweatpants and sweatshirts for a relaxed yet stylish look. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite shows or studying in comfort, these sweat suits keep you cozy while proudly displaying your Rattler spirit.

FAMU Sweatshirts and Hoodies: Warmth and Tradition Combined

Embrace the warmth and tradition of FAMU with FAMU crewneck sweatshirts featuring the FAMU logo or vintage designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia. These sweatshirts are perfect for bundling up on chilly days on campus or during late-night study sessions in the library.

For added comfort and a sporty vibe, opt for a FAMU hoodie sweatshirt. Its cozy fabric and hood provide extra warmth while allowing you to showcase your Rattler pride.

FAMU Pajamas: Dreaming in Rattler Fashion

Drift off to dreamland in ultimate Rattler comfort with FAMU pajamas. Choose from cozy sets adorned with the FAMU logo or patterns that capture the essence of your beloved university. These pajamas not only keep you comfortable while you sleep but also allow you to carry your Rattler pride into the dream world.

FAMU Accessories: Adding the Finishing Touch

Complete your FAMU ensemble with stylish accessories that add the finishing touch to your Rattler look. Enhance your outfit with FAMU embroidered patches that can be added to your favorite jacket, backpack, or hat. These patches showcase your unique Rattler spirit and allow you to customize your accessories.

And don't forget to top off your look with a FAMU hat. Whether it's a classic cap or a trendy beanie, these hats proudly display the university's logo and colors, adding a final touch of Rattler pride to your outfit.

Fashion Beyond the Campus - FAMU-Inspired Outfits

FAMU Dresses: Effortless Elegance with a Rattler Twist

Make a statement at formal events or special occasions with a FAMU dress beautifully crafted to showcase your Rattler pride while exuding elegance and sophistication. These dresses are designed to capture the essence of FAMU while providing a unique twist on traditional formalwear. Show off your Rattler spirit with pride and grace.

FAMU Shirts: Versatile Styles for Every Rattler

Express your individuality with a variety of FAMU t-shirt designs. From vintage-inspired logos to modern graphic prints, there's a FAMU shirt for every Rattler. These versatile tops allow you to showcase your love for FAMU in a style that suits your personal taste.

And for proud FAMU alumni, don't miss the opportunity to celebrate your connection to the university with a FAMU alumni shirt. These shirts honor your status as a Rattler and display your pride for FAMU.

FAMU Jackets: Layering with Rattler Flair

Elevate your style with a FAMU jacket that adds a touch of Rattler flair to your outfit. Whether it's a classic design or a trendy bomber jacket, these jackets make a statement and add an edge to your Rattler ensemble.

For added versatility, consider a FAMU reversible jacket that offers two styles in one garment. Mix and match to suit your mood and outfit, showcasing your love for FAMU in a fashion-forward way.

FAMU Bottoms: Stylish Pants and Shorts for All

Make a fashion statement with FAMU pants that feature trendy designs or classic cuts. These bottoms effortlessly combine style and comfort, allowing you to express your unique Rattler spirit through your outfit. For a sporty and casual look, FAMU rattlers shorts are a great choice. Designed to showcase your pride for the university, these shorts offer both comfort and style. And if you're hitting the court or the gym, FAMU basketball shorts featuring the iconic colors and logo of FAMU are a must-have to complete your athletic ensemble.

FAMU Rattlers Apparel Clothing


1921 Movement takes pride in the artistry and creativity behind each FAMU apparel design. Our design team has contributed their expertise to establish items that capture the essence of FAMU while maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic. 

Sizing and Fit

At 1921 Movement, we understand the importance of apparel that fits comfortably and flatters the wearer. We provide detailed size charts for each apparel item, enabling individuals to find the perfect fit.

Additionally, we offer fit recommendations and descriptions to guide customers in selecting the style that best suits their preferences.


1921 Movement is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in every step of the production process. We work closely with trusted vendors and manufacturers who share our dedication to excellence.

Our production guidelines encompass material selection, craftsmanship standards, and quality control measures to ensure that each FAMU apparel item meets our stringent criteria.


1921 Movement encourages the FAMU community to proudly wear FAMU apparel in various settings, including games, events, and campus activities. We believe that wearing FAMU apparel fosters a sense of unity and showcases the collective pride of the FAMU family.


1921 Movement is the trusted source for authentic FAMU apparel. Our online store provides convenient and reliable access to a wide range of FAMU apparel items.

By ensuring consistent distribution and retail practices, we strive to enhance the accessibility of FAMU apparel for the entire FAMU community.


As the proud owners of the FAMU University Apparel Styling Guide, 1921 Movement is honored to contribute to the FAMU community's representation and pride through high-quality and stylish apparel.

We remain committed to supporting educational institutions like FAMU and empowering individuals to showcase their FAMU spirit with confidence.

Thank you for choosing 1921 Movement as your trusted source for authentic FAMU apparel.

Go Rattlers!

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